Beat That Seat Belt Ticket

Published: 15th March 2010
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Fight and Beat Your Seat Belt Ticket

When you ever got a seat belt ticket, you realize what We are talking about. When the children were small, in grade school the kids were taught exactly about the seat belt safety issues. I'll always remember being 'scolded' by my children for not putting MY seatbelt on straight away before I drove off. In the state of California, all passengers in an auto are expected that will wear a seatbelt anytime the car was in motion. Billboards along our freeways proclaim "Click It Or Ticket". In fact, seat belts save lives! This can be no joke and California legislators within the recent years have passed legislation allowing peace officers not just to cite drivers who fail to wear their seat belts, but to work with one's failing to wear a seat belt being a basis to get a traffic stop
your committing any offense. This is where the way to fight and beat your seat belt ticket came into being!

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, Randy, worked for Jerry Ganz in Belevedere, California.. He patented the seat belt harness, just as one advancement patent,. in the 50's. He can have for no reason notion that his may just be utilized to allow seat belt tickets being a way to obtain income for your California, in the dreams. We own a blog for you to discover aid you fight and beat this. It is
Should you be involved in an crash through no fault of your own and damaged, at some point, the query of whether you were belted will undoubtedly created. This really is especially therefore the incidents you suffered are ones that may arguably happen to be stopped had you been wearing your seatbelt. In the event the injured party may not are injured had she or he been wearing a seatbelt, the fact the accident was the responsibility of the accused is of little to no result. You will still be issued a ticket for the seat belt infraction and be liable for your potential damage. If you did not wear your seatbelt, any injuries that were caused are your fault and your responsibility. That beingtrue, the injured party is precluded from recovering anything for these injuries.

Now with it is possible to be able to fight and beat your seat belt ticket in court without having to dispute your case, ticket, infraction in front of the commissioner. This technique is excellent, it's founded on when using the courts rules, procedures, and limitations against itself. It could possibly still work with State of Ca. keeping us safe and punishing the habitual violator, but to get it done properly by 'assuming' our innocence until proven guilty, having us face our accuser, and going to due process. It is so lazy using this type of 'money mill' that how come they?

Ronald Cupp PhD

Your Advocate

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